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GOWI Publications

  • Defining the measurement process and analysis during the software development according to CMMI standard

    Jovan Popović, YU INFO 2009
    Abstract: This paper presents measurement and analysis procedures which must be implemented during software development process in order to satisfy CMMI standard requirement. This paper also represents set of recommendations and guidelines for implementation of measurement and analysis procedures according to the CMMI standard.

    download document 205kb (serbian language only)
  • Software size measurement techniques

    Jovan Popović, YU INFO 2009
    Abstract: This paper gives overview of techniques that can be used to determine size of the software projects. These techniques are basis for process of analysis and management because they give objective insight into project status and size. Therefore it is crucial for team members to be aware of available measurement methods which can help them in better decision making during software development.

    download document 274kb (serbian language only)
  • Measurement during the software development process

    Jovan Popović, ETRAN 2009
    Abstract: In the software planning one of the most important tasks is estimating time needed for implementation. Therefore, there is a need to have some measurement mechanism for the application size measurement. Today there are a lot of methods available for measurement of software size but there are no clear guidelines which methods might be used during development life cycle. This paper presents measurement methods that can be used during the software development process, along with the phases when they might be applied.

    download document 109kb (serbian language only)
  • Building Search engine optimized CMS systems

    Ivan Petraš, YU INFO 2009
    Abstract: Work topics for this research are search engines, content management systems (CMS) and search engine optimization strategies for better positioning on search result pages.

    download document 375kb (serbian language only)
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  • World Finance Technology Awards 2012