Key benefits:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce time for operational activities
  • Transparency
  • Usability
  • Flexibility
  • Proactive learning

The Librarian is flexible on-line system designed for school libraries that want to introduce innovative and dynamic work.

Librarian on line system provides management of the basic librarian processes but its focus is on improvement of the customer services. It enables interactive and dynamic relationship between school librarians and pupils.

By using this system school libraries may become more flexible place for learning where project work, individual study, group research, reading and the teaching of ICT can all take place.

On line Librarian system provides the centralized platform that can be accessed by school librarians, pupils, parents and teachers so it improves the collaboration between all stakeholders.

School Librarians can:

  • search for books by different criteria
  • manage the books according the Librarian standards
  • access the different reports and measure the Library performance and make the informed decisions about further enhancements
  • get flexible categorization of books according to their needs
  • automate some of the processes so they could save time on operational activities and spend more time on creative thinking

Members of library users by simply visiting the site from their homes and offices, without going to the library may:

  • easily access the Library content from any place and any time
  • check from home if the library has the wanted book
  • get information if a book is issued and when it will be returned
  • Download publications available in electronic format
  • Give a comment about the book they read and to rank it, or check out the other people's comments

The Librarian system is ideal as a teaching tool for innovative teachers and school librarians who are willing to take the active role in motivating pupils to be more proactive and creative in their school lifes.

Using the software in a fun and interesting way, students can share opinions about books, and teachers may monitor and coordinate the teaching needs of readership of their pupils.

Our clients experience shows that the Librarian encouraged more proactive approach to gaining knowledge and accelerates adoption of new knowledge and exchange of opinions among library members.

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