Gowi experts@Sinergija 2011


We are more than happy to inform you that Gowi experts Jovan Popovic and Srdjan Zivojinovic will be presenters at Microsoft Sinergija 2011 conference that is taking place on 18th-20th October in Belgrade.

Microsoft Sinergija is the biggest IT Conference in the region of Southeast Europe, it has a tremendous success for over 10 years and every year it gathers developers, IT professionals, IT enthusiasts as well as business leaders throughout the region.

This year, Sinergija 11 appears under a new stamp New Energy and will focus on how to take the most from new and exciting time ahead of us, with advent of new wave of Microsoft's products and solutions, whether they are business productivity, infrastructure, application platform or development tools.

Gowi, who is recognized as 2011 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year for Serbia will be involved in the conference through lectures about some new and innovative ways how Microsoft technologies can be used.
We are looking forward to meeting you and share our experience with you as together we can achieve more.

Gowi @ Sinergija 2011 – highlights:

12:00-13:30h JQuery in ASP.NET MVC3, Jovan Popovic, Room 3/0

In this session will be described how JQuery library and JQuery plugins can be used in the ASP.NET MVC3 applications in order to implement the effective Web 2.0. user interface. Beside the presentation of the JQuery library capabilities, in the demonstration will be shown few effective JQuery plugins and how they are used to quickly and easily convert plain and simple MVC application to Web 2.0 applicaiton with advanced user experience.

16:00-17:00h Inversion of control (IOC), dependency injection (DI), Castle Windsor as an IOC container and its use and setup in an ASP.NET MVC 3 application, Srdjan Zivojinovic, Room Aneks B

Inversion of control is a style of software construction where reusable generic code controls the execution of problem-specific code. It carries the strong connotation that the reusable code and the problem-specific code are developed independently, which often results in a single integrated application.

The reusability of the generic control code makes the successive development of a large number of applications on the same platform more effective, it simplifies the process of independent testing of components and offers great flexibility in the architecture.
The final effect of the adoption of this style of architecture is increasing the speed of the entire development process, as well as increasing the robustness and productivity.

The lecture will deal with the basics concepts of IOC, creation of the loosely coupled components and pointing out the advantage of components organized in this manner. The focus will be mainly on Castle Windsor as one of the best and mostly used IOC containers on the .NET platform. It will be shown how components are registered, what is their lifecycle, and the way they are created and destroyed.

Moreover, it will be presented how Castle Windsor is integrated with an ASP.NET MVC application. The lecture will deal with AOP, interceptors and proxies, diagnostic and monitoring the container using performance counters.

17:30-18:30h JQuery Templates in ASP.NET MVC3, Jovan Popovic, Room Aneks 2

In this session will be shown how the standard MVC model can be modified in order to move View components to the client-side. In this model communication between the client(browser) and server is implemented using the Ajax/JSON calls which significantly decreases bandwidth, and the View is generated using the JQuery Template engines. The application model presented in this session significantly improves performances of the ASP.NET MVC3 web applications.

For all of you who will attend the lectures of our distinguished colleagues we have prepared some small gifts.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

For additional information:

  • Microsoft Silver Web Development Partner
  • Microsoft POY Winner
  • World Finance Technology Awards 2012